Rwandan artists release water conservation song and look after the natural environment

Musicians Gerard Shyaka and Jean de Dieu Iryamukuru have collaborated on a song that advocates the protection of water resources in Rwanda.  

The song, titled ‘Amazi ni meza’, carries a message that encourages people in Rwanda to conserve water and look after the natural environment.

The conservation campaign is a part of a four-year joint initiative between Rwanda and the Netherlands that aims to improve the effective management of water resources in the East African country through local platform Water for Growth Rwanda.

Shyaka said the environment played a key role in the well-being of all people and called on Rwandans to plant trees and protect water resources.

“I started my music career in 1988,” he said. “At that time I used to sing about socio-economic issues but now we have released a song about water resource protection.

“I believe it is time we played our role in the protection of the environment, especially water resources. If you look at the role of water in our daily life, you will see that it is a priority.”

Shyaka said the sooner people began seeing water as a blessing and not a curse, the sooner they would begin conserving it.

“You will see, for example, when floods occur, everyone refers to water as a problem,” he said. “But people should play a role in flood control to avoid such negative impact by planting trees and digging trenches, among other interventions.”

The two musicians, who are brothers, are planning to release more songs about environmental conservation.