Rwanda to mark Water and Meteorology world days and  International day of forests

Urugomero rwa Nyabarongo

Rwanda will join the rest of the world to mark three significant global environment related days: World Water Day, International Day of Forests and World Meteorology Day.

A range of events are being held from 18-23 March 2018 to celebrate Rwanda’s progress in these areas, highlight ongoing challenges, and encourage the general public to be part of protecting the country’s natural environment.

To mark world water day, activities have been organised through the week. The ‘Water Week’ will begin with a ‘Walk for Water’ during Car Free Day on Sunday 18 March in the City of Kigali.

The launch of a water supply system by World Vision will take place on 19 March in Nyaruguru District. From 20-21 March, an Integrated Water Resources Management conference and exhibition will take place at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda.

On World Water Day, Thursday 22 March, a community work (Umuganda) will be led by Water for Growth Rwanda in Rubavu District to put in place floods control by planting trees and putting sandbags on the banks of the Sebeya River. The inauguration of the Murama Water Supply System, led by WASAC, will take place on 23 March in Kayonza. The week’s activities will be held under the theme ‘Nature for Water’.

To celebrate the international day of forests, the Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority and the Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) will lead a tree planting event at Kadahokwa Dam on 19 March in Huye District. A ‘Greening Rwanda’ cross sectoral dialogue will take place on 21 March at Umubano Hotel, organised by the Rwanda Water and Forestry Authority and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The theme for this year’s day is ‘Forests and Sustainable Cities’.

World meteorology day will be marked with an Open Day on Friday 23 March at Meteo Rwanda, which will showcase weather services and products. It will also include the launch of the Automatic Message Switching System, which will enable Meteo Rwanda to transmit meteorological data from across Rwanda to the Regional Telecommunications Hub in Nairobi, Kenya. The day’s activities will be held under the theme, ‘Weather-Ready, Climate-Smart’.

In marking these three international days, the Government of Rwanda seeks to highlight the interdependence between water, forests, and weather and climate services, and the importance of taking an integrated approach in conserving and managing these resources.