Tour du Rwanda Concert goers excited with AHF-Rwanda services

The AIDS Health Care Foundation (AHF-Rwanda) on Saturday distributed condoms to hundreds of people who turned up for Tour du Rwanda 2019 concert held at Kigali Car Free Zone and some cities, as all their eyes were on their favorite artistes performing live.

A big number of people were heading to the AHF-Rwanda tents where different services free of charge including HIV/AIDS test as well as giving them condoms to help them prevention against HIV/AIDS and other sexually infected related diseases.

During the activity, people had also an opportunity to have medical advices, where those who tested positive were advised and immediately started to get the medicine.

AHF-Rwanda Foundation started its operations in Rwanda since 2006, to help the Ministry of Health in activities aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS through public awareness and supporting health centres and hospitals in related activities.

It offers free services aimed at fighting HIV/AIDS, Free Condom Distribution, free circumcision using the Prepex Method and Free HIV testing to help the public know their health situation, the services which beneficiaries appreciated.

While celebrating the international Day of Use of Condom, a number of youth claimed that they do not use condoms because they do not have money to buy them.

During the Tour du Rwanda Concert, both men and women were given free condoms and free HIV/ AIDS testing.

Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera, the Country program of AHF-Rwanda, revealed they are planning bring HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral drugs at people’s disposal and put more efforts in sensitizing people to use condoms during sexual intercourse to avoid spreading the virus.

She said, “We wanted to bring our services in Tour du Rwanda as we plan to help people who have HIV/AIDS, by giving them anti-retroviral drugs, help men to get circumcision services and provide advice to women to embrace family planning and give condoms to use as a sustainable solution to those who fail to abstain so they don’t spread the disease to more people.


Dr Brenda Asiimwe Kateera, the Country program of AHF-Rwanda

Solange Mujawayezu, 25, thanked AHF-Rwanda’s good initiative to save people’s lives by taking free services at public places where a big number of people meet.

“I am very excited that I came to watch cycling game but I am got more excited for AHF-Rwanda’s idea to offer us free HIV/AIDS testing, and give us free condoms to protect ourselves sexually infected diseases which most of the times cause unplanned pregnancies or a result of getting infected with HVI/AIDS,” she said.

Free HIV/ AIDS testing done in Rubavu, Huye, Musanze and Kigali.

Ntakirutimana Deus