Wisdom Schools kicks off preps ahead of Canada, Dubai English spelling contest

Wisdom Schools kicks off preps ahead of Canada, Dubai English spelling contes

Wisdom Schools organized a spelling bee competition as part of preparations for the English intercontinental competitions that the school is gearing to attend in Canada and Dubai this year.

The competition tackled English , French, Kinyarwanda, and Chinese as the school’s languages of instruction.

A total of 225 contestants from nursery, primary, and secondary in the school’s all campuses, i. e Musanze (Main Headquarters), Rubavu, Nyabihu, and Burera took part in the recently-concluded competition.

One by one, contestants slowly and strategically spelt the words like
“obligation,” “binocular” and “domestication.” Out of them, 18 were selected as winners.

Innocent Gasasira, a mentor who is in charge of English, Student Welfare and Competitions at Wisdom Schools, told the press that the competition was crucial since it sharpened children “For the biggest international competition, which will be held in Canada for ten days- from July 17, 2022,”

The winners , he said, will participate in various categories of competitions this year in Canada, some in the UK, some in Istanbul in Turkey, one in Dubai in October, and other countries.

The students who contested were optimistic about winning the competition. “We are ready to participate with the hope of winning, representing our school and the country as a whole,” Said by Kimenyi Pacifique.

Winners of the competition said they were ready to make the school proud and their country at large. “We promise Rwandans that we will represent them well, make Rwanda proud,” Irakoze Agatesi Samuella pledged

Elie Nduwayesu the Owner of Wisdom Schools, said the school eyes working around the clock towards preparing a critical mass of learners who are capable of competing and winning at international labour market.

He said three students of the school won the recent English competition which was held in Dubai saying; a well deserved victory that raised the school’s flag internationally and brought about a number of opportunities.

“After Wisdom School excelled in the English competition held in Dubai
by the end of 2021 and won all the trophies, it became necessary for the whole world to know about Wisdom School, which is why we were invited to a lot of competitions. We will visit Dubai twice, in July to Canada, in August to the UK. ” He said

The competition, he said, is aimed at narturing talents of children who will represent the Wisdom School, and Rwanda in general. Contestants will be awarded medals and trophies, and as they progress, they will become more valuable, he said.

Elie Nduwayesu, owner of Wisdom Schools

The students of the school recently participated in an international competition in December 2021, in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), where all three competition prizes were taken by Wisdom School. (click to read the story

Some winners with their parents
It was amazing

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