Kayonza: DGPR members call for more advocacy

Members of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) have urged the party to continue advocacy on issues threatening society.

They made they call in Kayonza District during the training on the party’s ideology and manifesto, the event that coincided with the election of party’s representative at district level.

The chief treasurer of the party, Jacky Masozera said that the party continues fighting for and  strengthening democracy in Rwanda by putting the people at the forefront.

“We have achieved a lot as a result ofthe research we have carried out. We don’t implement it, but we do advocacy so that the legislators and others who have the power and authority to do it.” She said

The advocacy included the medical treatment to the citizen after paying health insurance scheme without for a month as it was the case previously.

She also told them that the party had advocated for land taxes that had been raised almost four times and were resumed to the normal level.

The party has also advocated for ensuring teachers and security personnel’s welfare through increasing of their salaries.

Masozera pointed that the Government has done more on the issues of raising teachers salaries and put in teachers shop.

Green Party has also advocated for school feeding program which is done in every school in Rwanda in order to improve the quality of education.

On the side of the members, Antoinette Mushimiyimanana who was elected to represent party’s Wamen in Kayonza District said that the party should advocate for the needy and continue to take care of their social welfare and students expelled from school because they lack the ability to pay for their meals and school fees.

Uwera Rebecca, the vice president of the party’s youth in the district, urged  the party to advocate for patients who forced to buy medicine outside of medical centers using community health insurance instead of getting services to the health centers.

Mutesi Claudette, who represents the party in Kayonza District, appreciates the advocacy that the party has done regarding the construction of health posts in each cell, and requests that the same be done in Kayonza and improve services.

Ndikubwimana Emmanuel requests that the people be facilitated in terms of construction permit fees.

He also requests that the services offered at Irembo be improved so that the citizen can get them without having to wait, at Irembo, at the Sector, at the cell, and then return to Irembo.

Masozera says that the party will not stop advocating for the people for their well-being.

“The ideas of our members and those of other Rwandans in general are good and aimed at the well-being of every Rwandan. So the party will examine it and advocates for the correctness.”

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