Rwanda: Men get answer after Nootri [porridge] for women and children

Africa Improved Foods, Rwanda’s number one producer of fortified multigrain products launchs  Nootri
Family, a product designed to be the finest porridge for the whole family. This come after Nootri Mama and Nootri Toto for the ladies and children.

“It is a delicious multigrain nutritious porridge produced with premium quality of soya, maize and sorghum locally sourced in Africa. There has been demand over different channels with a call for a product that also caters to other segments of the population. This led to interesting creations of expressions such as “Nootri Papa”, it is this call that we are now answering with Nootri family.”

Africa Improved Foods believes that this product is set to compliment Nootri Mama and Nootri Toto that were designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers while Nootri Toto is produced for young children between six months and two years, Nootri Family is mainly for household consumption, means everyone in the family.

Nootri Family contains 13 essential vitamins which include Vitamin A, B6, B12, C&D, 4 minerals and proteins that benefit one’s overall health and provide energy to fuel an active lifestyle.

This company supports the fight against malnutrition and with the production of such fortified foods most especially the introduction of Nootri Family, that is used by the entire region including the father, mother and children, it aims to significantly impact the nutrition status of many.

AIF also produces relief products for WFP; it is a “super cereal” porridge which goes to the refugee camps in South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Somali. It also produces Shisha Kibondo under the Government of Rwanda’s feeding programme which goes to the most vulnerable population in Ubudehe Category One. This is in line with the first 1000 Days Programme which is a critical period for fighting malnutrition.

Africa Improved Foods is the winner of the Best Investor of the Year 2017 Award, it has greatly impacted the Rwandan market. With about 1.5 million people using its products daily. It is created jobs for 300 at the plant in addition to over 9,000 farmers selling cereals to the plant.

With a massive investment of $60 million (about Rwf 51 billion) and strict processes of doing business, AIF set new standards for both international and local investors. AIF was able to outshine over 100 companies that had applied for the Business Excellence Awards 2017.  AIF was also awarded “Best Tax payer of the year 2017”.