Kayihura tries to commit suicide; warning to Museveni in the next elections

Relatives and friends of Gen Kale Kayihura from Kisoro District have warned President Museveni of serious “political consequences” in the next general elections over the continued detention of the former police chief.

Gen Kayihura, who hails from Kisoro, has been in detention at Makindye Barracks for almost two months since he was picked from his farmhouse in Lyantonde

“We have been giving 99% of our votes to President Museveni,” said Michael Niyonsaba who led the team from Kisoro to Kampala on Saturday to visit Kayihura’s family.

“Now this will surely change if they don’t release Kayihura,” he added.

Niyonsaba argued that it was Kayihura who had mobilised the district for many years to support President Museveni and the ruling NRM party only to be “betrayed” and subjected to “illegal detention.”

The army says Kayihura was questioned on several issues and was treated with honour and dignity as a serving General.

The delegation brought chicken, Matooke and other foodstuffs to show solidarity with Kayihura’s family living in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb.

Rogers Shimwe expressed concern that several students whose tuition Gen Kayihura pays are now stranded.

“We don’t know how to move forward. Students who were benefiting from this generosity will have to quit school,” said Shimwe.

Gen Kayihura was briefly interrogated on the assassination of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

He has since denied the charge, saying it’s meant to soil his hard-earned reputation.

Kayihura’s lawyers say he was yet to record any statement on the matter as reported by ChimpReports.

This media house understands Internal Security Organisation (ISO), which has been investigating crimes allegedly committed during Kayihura’s reign, asked President Museveni for 30 days to complete their inquiry.

They would later ask for two more weeks which ended a couple of days ago.


At Muyenga yesterday, relatives expressed concern over a news story that Kayihura had been put on a suicide watch, saying they perceived this as a potential threat to his life.

A daily newspaper reported that Kayihura seeks to harm himself through his doctors by injection of “toxic medicine,” in order to die and avoid humiliation.

It also was reported that UPDF had restricted his private doctors from seeing him after learning of this alleged plot.

But the relatives said Gen Kayihura “has unrestrained access to the doctors of his choice whenever they are needed. He has been treated with dignity and respect by the UPDF while in detention. The family greatly appreciates and is thankful for the professionalism exhibited by the women and men of the UPDF.”

It was indicated that Gen Kayihura’s doctors have always handled themselves with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, adding, it was appalling that the article “would seek to desecrate their profession through these allegations.”

They further expressed suspicion that “there may be a sinister insinuation of the story: to prepare the public for Gen. Kale Kayihura’s possible assassination. Potentially by poisoning considering the story’s use of ‘toxins.’”

The relatives said “should anything happen to him during this period, it is not something as unbelievable as so-called suicide by toxins or cooking his own food, which are absolutely untrue. But rather, it will be because of external forces.