How Military Chopper missed Gen. Kayihura by a whisker before he got arrested trying to flee the country

Uganda: W.B Yeats, in his ‘The second coming’ poem, rhymed thus; “Turning and turning in the widening gyre. The falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart, the center cannot hold.” The same rhymes in unison with the current situation faced by the former IGP Gen. Edward Kalekyezi Kayihura and his boss Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni both of whom can’t hear each other anymore.

The Investigator has established that shortly after arresting the hitherto Gen. Kayihura’s blue eyed boy SSP Herbert Muhangi, the former Flying Squad commandant who was recently transferred to Police Headquarters in the HRM docket, the President sanctioned his previously trusted blue eyed boy, General Kayihura’s arrest over a string of crimes including illegal repatriation of refugees among others.

The secretly planned arrest was due yesterday afternoon when the military police led by two Generals launched the attack but alas! It is reported the arrest mission hit a snag when they missed the fugitive General just hours after he had reportedly fled his home farm of Kashagama in Lyantonde District. However, he was out smarted when intelligence followed him and got him trying to flee the country in a Toyota Spacio.

It is a public secret that Kayihura had been holed up in Lyantonde since his sacking in a Sunday 5th March 2018 message. However, very few, if any, knew that he was on strict orders never to leave the place without approval from above. Whereas everybody thought he feared ‘humiliation’ when out in public and with no security detail around him as before, he himself knew he was under arrest.

When in Kashagama, he disguised self as someone who had eventually gotten a chance to do his personal business. And with his massive ranch, he hired all the plant equipment from the District and all private owned tractor monsters in the area. He started building a ‘home’ and digging dams at his farm, fooling everyone he was indeed settling and going nowhere. But the one who trained him was reading between the lines.

The Investigator can exclusively report that yesterday at about 11:00am, Gen. Kayihura left his farm for ‘somewhere’. But intelligence had it he was about to flee the country to his long time real master’s land across the border. As it is known, the General had built a force within a force in the Uganda Police Force, only to be mildly disarmed by his boss when he fired him and recruited part of his force, the crime ‘presenters’ into UPDF reserved force.

The Investigator exclusively have it that yesterday morning, a renowned strong, intelligence guru UPDF General visited Courtyard Hotel in Lyantonde and stayed for a while. It was a casual visit inviting nothing like suspicion. This place is where Gen. Kale Kayihura would go for gym almost every day but management sources tell us, he had spent about a week without a single visit.

Come 6:00pm, the hotel was cordoned off by over fifty military police officers (not men and women) in tow of two Generals (names withheld) who stayed in their cars until the search for the General ended, unsuccessfully. “Where’s Kayihura?” Asked the officer to the receptionist who, in return answered she didn’t know Kayihura. Then the search of all the rooms started but with all entry and exit points heavily guarded. “No one is allowed in or out,” our inner pries communicated.

As this Hotel scene happened, a military chopper roaming above in skies reportedly got a ‘technical problem’ and landed at Kayihura’s farm. Nevertheless, the occupants asked for Gen. Kale Kayihura’s whereabouts and they were informed he had left the place at 11: am in the morning.

Whereas the chopper occupants lost him, the larders had his movements. They reportedly followed him, reportedly got him trying to escape through the western wing of the country before he was brought back and airlifted to Kololo from where, he was led to his confinement at the officers’ mess.

The Investigator via our Facebook page broke the news of how Military police had cordoned off Court Yard Hotel yesterday at 5:30pm, seeking for the hitherto, before public, an angelic General Kale Kayihura’s whereabouts. We further learnt that after failing to locate him, they left without any ‘noticeable’ incident. Now, we can comfortably confirm he is under arrest in the named Kampala city leafy suburb…

A photo: Chopper and inset is Gen Kale Kayihura (Photos by Kenya Air Force and Abubaker Lubowa)

The Investigator