Governor Gatabazi calls for agressive measures to end malnutrition

The Governor of Northen Province in Rwanda,Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi calls for agressive mobilization in fighting malnutrition in Rwanda.

Findings from the Integrated Household and Living Conditions Survey (EICV4-2015) in September 2015 indicated that 38% of Rwandan children below five years were stunted, due to the malnutriom and other causes while the central Africa leads the continent with 25.8%.

Moreover, In 2015 alone, Children below five years of age had malnutrition issues with 38 per cent of them facing stunting while 7.7% were overweight in 2015 countrywide, according to the Global Nutrition report, 2015.

During a consultative meeting, The National program called District Plan to eliminate Malnutrition (DPM) funded by the Dutch government through SNV at a tune of €2 million, held in Musanze on 19 July 2018 leaders from Rwanda Government and Civil society call for changes on fighting that malnutrition.

“We need agressive mobilization in fighting malnutrition in Rwanda. We need to shift from speeches to action through mobilize and sensitise our citizen home to home.” Gatabazi said.

National Coordinator of the National Early Childhood Development Program, Dr Asiimwe Anita urges the members of District Plan to eliminate Malnutrition to collaborate with that aim of fighting the malnutrition.

” The parents have the answers for that malnutrition, approach them. This can not be achievable if we act lonely.” She said.

Muhamyankaka Venuste, Executive Secretary of Sun Alliance Rwanda, an umbrella of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)to promote sensitive and specific nutrition actions, calls upon Government of Rwanda to increase their expenditures in nutrition.

He said:” We realise that around 2.7% of the total budget is being allocated to the nutrition services. Districts have different define in supending in nutrition… it ranges 3 to 5% of their own revenues. You understand obviously it is still low, that is real require high attention and high increase in budget. That is why I have been call upon the government to increase their expenditures and buthey to the nutrition especially,”

“Each dollar invested to nutrition earned 16% as rerun, so this is very promising investment the country can do for the better mentor of the generation”. He added.

Currently, malnutrition statistics stand at 38 % of children under 5 in Rwanda, while the central Africa leads the continent with 25.8% of stunting. Thus
Rwanda had set a target of reducing malnutrition from 51% in 2001 to

Meanwhile, the government has set a target to cut down stunting rate from 51% in 2001, 38% currently, 18% in 2018 to 15% by 2024.

Ntakirutimana Deus