GCS-Rwanda Empowers Educators and Volunteers to Build a Brighter Future for Rwandan Children

In a commendable initiative fueled by the vision of uplifting every child in Rwanda and ensuring that no one is left behind, Global Civic Sharing Rwanda (GCS-Rwanda), a renowned international non-governmental organization, orchestrated a transformative training workshop from October 2nd to 6th, 2023.

This endeavor was made possible with the generous support of the Samsung Dream Foundation, under the “Project for Improving Students’ Literacy Skills Towards School Performance in Rwanda,” Phase 4, which commenced in the 2020/2021 fiscal year as Phase 1.

This program brought together educators who lacked formal training in secondary school education and dedicated volunteers entrusted with the well-being of students grappling with academic challenges in the Kamonyi District.

Global Civic Sharing’s mission is to provide education and volunteer activities that address the pressing challenges humanity faces. Child education plays a pivotal role in an individual’s personal development and contributes significantly to a country’s progress. Well-educated citizens enhance a nation’s global competitiveness, attract investments, and foster international cooperation. Child education is, therefore, a cornerstone of both individual growth and national development. Investing in quality education for children empowers them to lead fulfilling lives and propels a country towards prosperity.

At its core, this initiative aimed to bolster students’ literacy skills, ultimately enhancing their overall academic performance. The commitment exhibited by the participants during the training was truly commendable, rendering constant supervision unnecessary.

Awarding ceremonyAwarding ceremony 

Vestine Dushimimana and Ishimwe Pacifique, two of the trained educators and volunteers, expressed their enthusiasm for the knowledge they had acquired. Equipped with increased expertise, they are now capable of crafting curricula that optimize learning outcomes, nurturing not only their personal development but also contributing to the nation’s growth.

Dushimamana shared,

During this training, I acquired the ability to efficiently prepare and deliver lessons while incorporating them into a well-structured plan. I learned to use games to organize competitions, simplifying the understanding of complex concepts. Furthermore, I gained the skills to create teaching materials, including the use of images to enhance comprehension.”

They create own craft teaching aids

Ishimwe stated.

This workshop provided me with fundamental knowledge, including lesson planning. It introduced a novel teaching approach using games. I also learned to craft teaching aids, typically supplied by the school. Now, I can independently create these aids and design group activities that stimulate student engagement, discussion, and critical thinking.”

GCS Country Representative, Mr. Aimable Twagirayezu, elucidated the organization’s core mission. He emphasized their role in empowering individuals to transcend poverty, embrace learning, and foster personal growth—a mission deeply intertwined with education. Over the past three years, GCS has steadfastly supported both underperforming and high-achieving students.
Mr. Twagirayezu added,

Be exemplary ambassadors; share your knowledge with others to continue nurturing Rwanda’s children and advancing the well-being of our country. The aspiration is clear: to transform Nyarubaka into an educational hub, guiding numerous children on their academic journey through collaborative efforts with the state.”

Mukamana Devothe, the Sector Education Officer at Nyarubaka in the Kamonyi District, acknowledged the common obstacles educators face when striving to enhance their teaching methods. Despite these challenges, she commended the participants for their dedication and the invaluable knowledge they gained during the training. She recognized the potential of this newfound expertise to make a substantial difference in the academic achievements of students in the region. Additionally, Mukamana emphasized the crucial role of crafting personalized teaching materials tailored to the specific needs of the students, further enhancing their educational experience.

Furthermore, Mukamana expressed her gratitude to GCS Rwanda, acknowledging the organization’s unwavering commitment to advancing education through various avenues. Her call for all participants to disseminate this positive impact through their respective companies underscores their shared dedication.
She also emphasized the significant role of civil society in advancing education and assisting the population. Civil society, including organizations like GCS-Rwanda, plays a pivotal role in improving educational access and quality for all, ensuring a brighter future for the nation.

Additionally, she highlighted the support provided by GCS in covering school feeding fees for primary and secondary school students from vulnerable families in Nyarubaka Sector. This initiative, funded by individuals residing in South Korea for the academic year 2022-2023, is benefiting 420 students across various classes.

Global Civic Sharing (GCS) remains unwavering in its dedication to supporting communities in need worldwide. Established in 1998 and headquartered in South Korea, this organization operates in diverse regions, including Vietnam, East Timor, Mongolia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Kenya. Their steadfast commitment to the welfare and education of all children reflects their mission of ensuring that no child is left behind.

Brainstorming during their works
They are now capable of crafting curricula that optimize learning outcomes