DPGR Women Urge Government Action to Alleviate Soaring Prices Affecting Citizens’ Livelihoods

At the Provincial Women’s Greens Congress held in Western Province on October 13, 2023, DPGR women express deep concerns about the rising market prices and implore the Rwandan government to take action. This gathering coincided with the election of the executive committee of the DPGR women’s union.

Umuhoza Sandrine, the elected vice-president of the DPGR party women’s union from Rubavu district, spotlights the significant issue of escalating potato prices and other essential food items. She calls for increased government support to aid the population during market price surges. Moreover, she underscores the importance of self-sufficiency, advising individuals to embrace a culture of saving and self-reliance.

The rising prices of potatoes and other essential foods are causing concern among people who frequente the market. They now discover that these items cost between 1,000 and 3,000 Rwandan Francs. In some cases, individuals need to turn to cooperatives for assistance when market prices surge. It is crucial for the Government to increase its support to the population, particularly where Nkunganire aid is known to be vital.”       

She said

Niyigena Beretrida, the elected director of the DPGR-affiliated Women’s Association from the Rusizi region, underscores the danger posed by rising food prices in her area. She encourages citizens to actively engage in food production to reduce their dependence on market prices.

Women from DGPR with Dr Habineza

She mentioned,

When a citizen goes shopping, they often realize that they can’t afford to buy everything they need. What we aim to do is inspire people to roll up their sleeves and engage in farming and other productive activities, even if it’s cost-effective. The produce they cultivate can be highly beneficial to them and their communities.”

Women stand for population rights

Dr. Frank Habineza, a member of the Rwandan Parliament and leader of the Party for Democracy and Environmental Protection, associates the rising market prices with increasing petroleum product costs. He appeals to the Rwandan government to provide greater assistance to the population in addressing these challenges.

Dr Habineza during the training

MP Dr. Frank Habineza recalls the government’s explanation for the increase in food prices, attributing it to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis. He further notes that recent increases in petroleum product prices have exacerbated the situation, particularly affecting food costs such as potatoes, which have reached 2000 Frw.

Dr Habineza, Chairman of DGPR

Despite the government’s subsidy of Rwf 200 per liter of fuel and diesel to curb excessive price hikes, MP Habineza believes that this support is insufficient. He strongly emphasizes the need for the government to take further action to address the issue.

The Karongi Congress in the west is the second in a series of gatherings, following the one in Rwanda East. The DPGR’s goal is to establish the national Women’s League in December, having recently established the national Youth League.

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