Commemorating Genocide Against Tutsis at IPRC Karongi: Governor urges youth to learn from heroes who stopped Genocide

In a poignant ceremony held at IPRC Karongi, Governor Dushimimana Lambert of the Western Province emphasized the importance of learning from the courageous youth who halted the Genocide against the Tutsis. Reflecting on the 30th anniversary of commemorating the genocide against Tutsis, he highlighted the dedication of the RPF Inkotanyi forces in thwarting the planned atrocities, stressing the need for unity and collective action among today’s youth.

Expressing gratitude to IPRC Karongi for commemorating the former students of ETO Kibuye and EAFO Nyamishaba who fell victim to the genocide against Tutsis, Governor Lambert said, “The 30th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 helps us to think about those who committed it. The organizers of the Genocide did not expect anyone to survive.”

Rwandans Unite for Remembrance Ceremony at IPRC Karongi

He concluded,

The genocide was planned by the government in place before the genocide and during the genocide and was stopped by the youth. This is a lesson that today’s youth should learn from their friends who stopped the Genocide, avoiding divisions and striving for the good.”

Governor Lambert Lays Flowers in Remembrance of Genocide Victims

Emphasizing the resilience of Genocide survivors, Governor Lambert reaffirmed the commitment of the Rwandan Unity State to support their ongoing journey of rebuilding.

The Principal of IPRC Karongi, Ingabire Dominique, stated that they are commemorating today the 13 Tutsi individuals who were killed at that time, including 2 teachers and 11 students. She mentioned that through their research, they discovered that 70 students were identified as Tutsis, as recorded in the books during that period. They are still uncertain about their fate—whether they are alive or have passed away. They are continuing to follow up on this matter.

Flowers Used in Commemoration Ceremony

Survivor Mukandoli Liliane expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Inkotanyi forces for their heroic intervention, acknowledging the profound impact of the ceremony in providing solace and remembrance. Despite the lingering sorrow over lost loved ones, the symbolic gesture of placing flowers in Lake Kivu serves as a poignant reminder of their enduring presence.

A Memorial Walk at IPRC Karongi

In a gesture of support, IPRC Karongi announced plans to assist 20 families of Genocide survivors in accessing electricity, underscoring the commitment to honoring their resilience and ensuring a brighter future.

Gashonga Jean Claude