Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel is the home away from home where travellers are guaranteed of enjoying scenic views on every turn and it’s not an overstatement to call it Paradise on Earth. Set on the hillside overlooking the beautiful Lake Kivu, this sumptuous accommodation facility rewards guests with privacy in addition to being the starting point for endless adventures and unwinding.

Relish the tropical retreat of unmatched farm-to-table dining, the seclusion of the exhilarating swimming pool as well as unwinding spa treatments. Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel also offers tailor-made itineraries for couples, group and family travellers looking to experience the real Paradise on Earth.

Accommodation options and amenities at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

The beautiful Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel boasts of about 18 breathtaking rooms in 3 different categories of Villas, King Suites and Apartments. Whatever the category, there is a wardrobe, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen Television, living area, air-conditioning, electric tea/coffee maker, writing desk, private bathrooms with bathrobes and vanities among others.


The Villa is a four bedroomed accommodation facility, which comprises the swanky Presidential Suite, two incredible Junior Suites and a classic Standard Room as well as a kitchenette, vast sitting area, separate dining area, a mini wine bar, private bathroom and many other amenities. With such space and spectacular features, this category is perfect for executives, group and family guests. Often referred as the “bird nest” of Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel, the Villa boasts of rich views over Lake Kivu and a verdant forest.

King Suites

The King suites have unblemished and fully-furnished rooms with Twin Queen or king sized beds, en-suite bathrooms that reflect the grandeur of the rooms with individualized toiletries. Additionally, visitors are offered remarkable views thus making them most guests’ favorite option.

The Junior Suite Apartment

The Junior Suite Apartments are one bedroomed offering families and small group guests with the chance to marvel at the opulence of the hotel, all in one place. Each of the bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom, vast lounge area, kitchenette and most importantly seclusion while enjoying the “home away from home” experience.

Other facilities enjoyed at Cleo Lake Kivu Hotel

Besides the beautiful rooms at the hotel, guests are guaranteed of enjoying a number of facilities that include among others;

Cleo Restaurant, where visitors are not only provided immersive views but also out-of-the-World gastronomic experiences marked by organic meals prepared by some of the most experienced Chefs. Travellers are invited to enjoy the modern hum of this vibrant restaurant as well as refreshing atmosphere at the lively terrace. The Lakeside restaurant invites both in-house and outside visitors to relax in another whole level of seclusion. Also at this luxurious Hotel is a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a fully-stocked bar where different kinds of wines, beer, whiskeys and champagne are served by the most experienced sommeliers and bartenders, a fitness center for guests who can’t go a day without exercising, secure parking, free internet around the property, a grill where guests enjoy barbeque, to mention but a few.

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