Silverback Tea Company Uplifts Over 11,000 Rwandan Tea Farmers from Isolation

More than 11,000 tea farmers have been brought out of isolation by the Silverback Tea Company, which unites three tea factories in Rwanda and produces tea that is popular on the international market. Known as the country of a thousand hills, Rwanda has also built a reputation for its specialty in tea production, a cornerstone of the country’s economy since the 1950s.

Rwandan tea has gained international acclaim for its unique taste, attractive color, and nutritional value. Silverback Tea Company has entered the Rwandan market to enhance the value and quality of tea, collaborating with traditional tea processing industries.

Rudra Chatterjee, CEO of Silverback Tea Company Ltd, praised Rwanda’s supportive environment for traders and its commitment to developing quality products. “Silverback Tea Company appreciates the way Rwanda provides a platform for us to grow and focus on providing quality tea,” he said.

Silverback Tea Company currently comprises three leading tea companies in Rwanda: Rugabano Tea Company Pvt Ltd, Gisovu Tea Company, and Pfunda Tea Company. Each factory specializes in producing distinctive tea varieties.

The tea industry at Silverback Tea Company boasts a variety of awards, with a commitment to maintaining high-value tea priced at at least $3.6 per kilogram by May 2024, according to the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB).

Gisovu Tea Company Ltd received the 2024 International Tea Day Award in Rwanda for being the first tea company to achieve PF1 certification from the African Tea Traders Federation. The Pfunda Tea Company has been recognized for having the best quality of tea at the D1 level and was ranked eighth in the region’s tea industry in 2023.

These factories also hold certifications for compliance with principles of equality, issued by the National Agency for Monitoring Compliance with the Principle of Equality and Complementarity of Men and Women in the Development of the Nation (GMO), the Private Sector Federation, UNDP, and UN Women.

Silverback Tea Company ensures that the quality of tea begins at the tea plantations, employing workers to help farmers maintain high standards and preserve the environment. The company contributes to the development of tea farmers through various projects, supporting over 11,000 farmers and investing in education by constructing early childhood development centers (ECDs) and other infrastructure, promoting a better future for employees and their families.

The company has also introduced a “tea ceremony” day to help tea enthusiasts learn about and appreciate Rwandan tea. Silverback Tea Company has expanded the availability of tea in the market, making Rwandan tea more accessible through various stores, including Simba Supermarket, Tuma250, The Hut Supermarket, and others. This initiative has encouraged more Rwandans to enjoy locally produced tea in new and exciting ways.


Tea farmers celebrate their success with a traditional dance during a ceremony hosted by the Silverback Tea Company, which has helped uplift over 11,000 farmers from isolation and significantly improved the quality and market reach of Rwandan tea

Happy tea farmers celebrate during a ceremony hosted by the Silverback Tea Company, which has uplifted them and enhanced the quality and market presence of Rwandan tea.

Joyful tea farmers celebrate receiving new mattresses

Leaders savor the rich flavors of Rwandan tea

tea from Rwanda

Pfunda tea factory

Mayor of Rubavu District, Mulindwa Prosper tastes the tea of Rwanda