Rwanda, Nyungwe peripheries are safe and reachable-Minister Munyakazi

Rwanda’s Minister Isaac Munyakazi, has said that claims by the so-called FLN rebels who allegedly declared they had seized peripheries of Nyungwe Natural forest in Rwanda is a lie.

Dr. Munyakazi, a State Minister in the Ministry of Education made the remarks during a monthly community cleaning exercise (Umuganda), this Saturday 28, July 2018, held near Nyaruguru District (one peripheric district to Nyungwe)

The exercise was held in an area close to where unknown groups of people have recently attacked residents in Nyaruguru district and looted the property of the people.

“They say that this place is not secure, not reachable, and that students don’t go to school, people could not sleep and rest. But this is all lies…With your eyes, you can see people are so happy, they are studying, they cultivate and harvesting, they are enjoying the development of Rwanda” Munyakazi said.

“The one who is far from here could think that this area is not reachable, but it is a lie’ Nyaruguru is secured and safe, and Rwanda is secured and safe…” He added

When they visited this area, the Minister of local Government, Francis Kaboneka and Inspector General of the National Police, Emmanuel Gasana who also commented about the area security in the vicinity of the Nyungwe Forest.

IGP Gasana pointing out that security is entirely around Nyungwe Forest and stated that those who attacked the area recently were bandits contrary to claims by foreign media which had alleged the attacks as done by an opposition party coalition.

Kaboneka urged local authorities to be work closely with citizens to strengthen and own their security, especially by the communities themselves.

“The most precious thing is we are all welcome and safe. It is important to maintain this security,” Kaboneka said.

He asked the public not to pay attention to rumors in that period, especially that the security is something that government has made a priority everywhere in the country.

Ntakirutimana Deus