Rwanda among countries featuring on CNN Global Travel Series

Rwanda’s tourist attractions are being featured on the latest edition of Quest’s World of Wonder, a travel show hosted by journalist Richard Quest, who stepped into the land of a thousand hills [Rwanda] and lived way beyond his expectations when covering a number of topics.

This famous Journalist known under Quest’s World of Wonder, the host travels to landmark locations around the world, explores popular tourist spots and meets influential locals who provide an insight into the region’s heritage and culture.

In early February 2021, Richard Quest came to Rwanda and covering a number of topics .For more than a week (from March 20 to 29), the show will be spotlighting a number of Rwanda’s attractions including mountain Gorillas [ listed as endangered by the IUCN in 2018], culture homegrown solutions like Community work [Umuganda], fashion, historical topics like the genocide against the Tutsi, among others.

During the 30-minute programme, Quest discovers how age-old traditions like Umuganda are uniting a new generation and learns about the important role Inyambo cows play in Rwandan culture.

Quest also visits the Kigali Genocide Memorial to reflect on the country’s past. Here, he met the people determined to unite, renew, and move the country forward while educating future generations.

Honoré Gatera, Director of the Kigali aGenocide Memorial, is a survivor of the genocide and tells Quest why it’s important to remember the atrocities.

“You’ll never be able to prevent mass atrocities, genocide, and hate, if it doesn’t start with the personal and individual commitment to the cause.” He said.”

The programme explores Rwanda’s cultural scene as Quest meets the creative force behind a new fashion brand, Rwanda Clothing, which imports fabrics from across the continent and transforms them into bespoke garments.

Founded in 2012, Joselyne Umutoniwase told CNN that she hopes to bring Rwandan fashion to a global audience.

“I think every time someone takes an outfit from here, in this showroom, travels with it, to New York, to London, to Paris, that outfit can tell a different story of Rwanda.”  She explains that the garments represent many aspects of Rwanda: “I think it’s the image of Rwanda. I sell the image. I sell the creativity, the energy of the people. I sell the dream of the people who wants to move forward.”

In the final part of the show, Quest’s World of Wonder showcases the reason so many tourists visit Rwanda – mountain gorillas.

Quest and his crew climb the Virunga Mountains in Northern province of Rwanda with trekking guide Francois Bigirimana, who had previously worked alongside renowned primatologist Dian Fossey and known in the Royal tour film.

The programme witnesses them first-hand and hears about the conservation efforts taking place in the country.

Speaking on his experience filming the show, Richard Quest said: “I knew a visit here was bound to be exceptional, but it’s lived way beyond my expectations. The way the people here have faced historic horrors and then moved forward into the future… Take it from me; Rwanda is part of our World of Wonder.”

Richard Quest visiting Inyambo, traditional cows were bred for the King (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Richard Quest team filming a Rwandan singing with traditional music instrument called flute[umwirongi] (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)

Richard Quest at Northern Province of Rwanda(Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Quest at home of Inyambo where the traditional cows were bred for the King (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder) 

Quest visited Rwanda Clothing, the Rwandan fashion brand from Kigali producing fashion designed by Joselyne Umutoniwase (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)

Quest and his crew are seeing birds(Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Quest and his crew climb the Virunga Mountains(Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Mountain gorillas at Birunga National Park (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Quest and his crew are seeing Gorillas(Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Quest seeing gorillas climbing trees (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)
Richard enjoying Rwanda a green place (Photos- CNN’s Quest’s World of Wonder)

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