Kamonyi District Leaders Applaud GCS for Establishing a Mini Cassava Processing Facility, Empowering the Community

In a significant event filled with joy, Kamonyi District leaders have commended the Global Civic Sharing (GCS) community for their exceptional contribution to the district’s development. GCS, supported by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), has successfully established a mini cassava processing facility in the Nyarubaka sector, aiming to empower the local community.

GCS, a respected international Non-Governmental Organization unwaveringly dedicated to “Think of People; Hope for Change,” has actively supported the residents of Kamonyi District through their Self-Help Groups (SHGs). The construction of the cassava processing facility is the latest demonstration of their commitment to improving the quality of life for the people they serve in the Nyarubaka Sector.

During the official opening ceremony of the cassava processing facility on June 16, 2023, Mr. Uzziel NIYONGIRA, the Kamonyi District Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, expressed heartfelt gratitude to GCS. He emphasized the alignment of GCS’s participation with the nation’s objective of adding value to agricultural products.


With partners like GCS, who uplift farmers and demonstrate unwavering commitment to production, we recognize their indispensable role in our nation’s development. GCS is responsive to the needs of the people, actively improving their lives and contributing to our overall progress.

NIYONGIRA highlighted the positive impact of GCS’s efforts and acknowledged the district’s enthusiastic support for GCS’s proposal to acquire land for the facility. This collaborative effort stems from a shared recognition of the transformative potential such initiatives hold for both the people and the nation as a whole.

Addressing the cooperative members, Vice Mayor NIYONGIRA encouraged them to embrace their increased responsibilities and ensure the efficient operation of the facility. He urged them to promptly address any issues that arise and avoid relying on others to fix them. Through effective management, he emphasized their contribution to the facility’s growth and encouraged employees to work harder to enhance productivity and add value to their products.

Mr Niyongira testing the quality of cassava

In his closing remarks, Mr NIYONGIRA underscored the critical role of the cassava processing facility in fostering human development. He called upon the community to diligently work towards advancing Kamonyi and Nyarubaka’s efforts in promoting cassava flour produced by the facility.

We are delighted with this project and will continue to work with our team to ensure its success. We stand ready to provide any necessary support, whether it is maintaining quality standards or supplying cassava plant seeds for cultivation to sustain the facility’s operations.

Vice Mayor NIYONGIRA Uzziel affirmed.

The Executive Secretary of the Nyarubaka sector, Providence MBONIGABA MPOZENZI, expressed gratitude to GCS for their persistent dedication to the region and their numerous initiatives aimed at improving people’s well-being and the local economy. The establishment of the cassava processing facility was highlighted as a significant milestone in promoting agriculture and supporting local farmers who will supply cassava. This project represents a remarkable success for the district and sector, benefiting from the presence of another processing facility.

Rubimbura Diogene, Chairman of the Nyarubaka sector’s Private Sector Federation (PSF), acknowledged GCS’s vital services to the community. He commended their efforts in fostering unity, showcasing local products, organizing Self-Help Groups (SHGs), and facilitating cooperative formations. He assured GCS of the unwavering support and admiration of the community, emphasizing the tangible outcomes of their partnership.

Mr. Aimable TWAGIRAYEZU, GCS Country Representative, explained that the development of the cassava processing facility aimed to improve the social and economic well-being of Nyarubaka’s residents. The decision to establish the facility was driven by the abundant cassava supply in the area. By processing cassava into flour, the initiative adds value to the local produce and supports community development. Furthermore, it protects farmers and traders from potential exploitation by middlemen, ensuring fair prices for their agricultural products.

Mr Aimable (blue shirt), Mr Niyongira( In the middle) during opening ceremony

Genevieve UWIMANA, the President of Cooperative KOPUINYA, the Nyarubaka Yearling Traders Cooperative, presented plans to increase cassava production by expanding the cultivated area. Additionally, the cooperative aims to establish direct purchasing from local farmers, further enhancing the value chain of their produce and safeguarding against potential market fluctuations caused by inadequate storage facilities.

We intend to seek loans from banks and financial institutions and collaborate with partners like GCS to help this small company grow into a larger enterprise.

Explained Genevieve.

Comprising 177 members, Cooperative KPUINYA primarily consists of farmers who have initiated savings and loan programs, fostering a spirit of self-reliance within the community.

Addressing the cooperative members, Vice Mayor NIYONGIRA encouraged them to embrace their increased responsibilities and ensure the efficient operation of the facility

The Nyarubaka cassava processing facility includes a drying area, a processing area with cassava collection and storage, a processing and selling area, a milling machine, shelves, and a store. It is located in Gatagara Village, Ruyanza Cell, Nyarubaka Sector of Kamonyi District

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in South Korea, Global Civic Sharing (GCS) is a well-known development aid organization that focuses on supporting underprivileged communities in various countries. With operations in Vietnam, East Timor, Mongolia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Kenya, GCS is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and empowering communities worldwide.