Gender Minister Bayisenge gets award for championing gender equality

Jeannette Bayisenge, the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, was Monday, July 24 given the Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up (DUSUSU) Award for her exceptional efforts in advancing gender equality in Rwanda.

The DUSUSU Awards, founded in 2014 by Zuriel Oduwole when she was just 11 years old, aims to recognize outstanding women in Africa and The Caribbean who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and exemplary work in the fields of girls’ education and gender development.

The award acknowledges two categories of exceptional women: First Ladies and Gender Ministers.

Bayisenge will accept the award on behalf of the Rwandan government, in recognition of their steadfast commitment to promoting gender equality, empowering women, and enhancing girls’ education in the country, as stated in an official release.

Rwanda is among the world’s top 10 countries in terms of gender equality and is first in Africa. This remarkable achievement can be attributed to the country’s tireless efforts in empowering women and ensuring their central role in the nation’s progress.

Women currently represent 61 percent of parliamentarians, more than half of the cabinet members, and 53 percent of judiciary agents in Rwanda. Furthermore, institutions are diligently working towards a target where women occupy at least 30 percent of leadership positions.

Zuriel Oduwole, now 20 years old and an accomplished filmmaker and education advocate, established the foundation responsible for the DUSUSU Awards.

The foundation has been instrumental in advocating for girls’ education across Africa, and over the years, it has bestowed the DUSUSU Award upon esteemed First Ladies from various African countries, including Tanzania (2014), Kenya (2015), Namibia (2016), Senegal (2017), Mozambique (2018), Cabo Verde (2019), Sierra Leone (2020), Namibia (2021), and most recently, Guyana (2022).

The DUSUSU Award highlights the significance of advancing girls’ education and gender development issues on the path to a brighter and more equal future.