Community Independence Forum centred on residents: Global Civic Sharing stakeholders praise its operation and impact

Global Civic Sharing Rwanda [GCS-Rwanda], an international non-governmental organization that supports citizens of the Kamonyi District through self-help groups (SHGs), is widely praised by its stakeholders for how it implements its citizen transformation activities in accordance with government policies.

On December 26, 2022, at Runda sector of Kamonyi District, the organization organized a consultative meeting focusing on Community Independence Forum centred on residents as part of self-reliance Project for vulnerable people based on civil empowerment in Rwanda, funded by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) with its partners and stakeholders where GCS presented its activities and performance from 2009 to the present.

Dr. Emmanuel TWAGIRIMANA, a Research officer at Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning [MINECOFIN) says the ministry has seen that the GCS is on the right track, and the best way to move on,

As the Ministry, we see that it is assisting us in implementing what we have approved as government policies, particularly those available in the National Vision of 2050, National Transformation Strategies-NST1, and then, as an organization that implements this on the ground, we see that it is good for us all.” TWAGIRIMANA said.

Twagirimana during discussion

TWAGIRIMANA urged the organization to consult with the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) to reach an agreement on what needs to be done at the district level and even of it has been operating in Nyarubaka sector, it’s time to extend its activities at District or National Level.

Immigration officer, GCS country Representative and MINAGRI representative

Sosthene NDIKUMANA, the planning specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources [MINAGRI], which is the line Ministry of GCS, as well as the focal point for agriculture and livestock-based NGOs, says they value GCS’s contribution to changing citizens’ mindsets and equipping them with fertilizers and seeds.

NDIKUMANA highlights the cassava plantation to promote value chain practices that GCS is building in Nyarubaka as a success that will help to improve the lives of the citizens and especially food security.

GCS is our partner in various activities and helps us enhance agriculture and animal husbandry policies. We find it extremely useful in putting development plans into action,“NDIKUMANA says.

He added that since the 2018 agreement with GCS they started with, they have signed many different agreements to help implement the ministry’s 6-year planning program.

“They are helping us in providing farmers with seeds and fertilizers, helping them to store their harvest, and with infrastructure. This is a very good organization that we value as a ministry,” he said.

For recommendations, NDIKUMANA urges GCS to continue cooperation in developing the agricultural and livestock sectors, as well as to increase production, increase the number of farmers, and expand their activities in other Kamonyi sectors.

Hyunju Cho, Executive Director of Global Civic Sharing in Korea says that he appreciates the role of stakeholders in Rwanda.

We believe in the power of the community and the power of Rwanda. It is an enormous pleasure to discover the great potentials in you and to be with you on the journey to grow together.” He says

Hyunju Cho, Executive Director of Global Civic Sharing in Korea

Hyunju Cho adds that it is a time to focus on other issues.

And we need to substantiate sustainable development for our future generations. I hope that ‘resident groups’ play a key role in contributing to green, resilient, and inclusive development in Rwanda. Please support the people so that they can protect themselves and the community.” 

He noticed.

According to the Kamonyi District Director of Education, Diogène KAYIJUKA, encouraging someone to move from one level to another allows them to set other goals, which is precisely what GCS did at Nyarubaka.

On 21 December 2022, GCS organized an event at Nyarubaka sector level where local leaders and keys stakeholders were invited to present achievements, challenges and learnt lessons so as to continue supporting the sector a sustainable and self-reliant way

Aimable Twagirayezu, the GCS Country Representative, assured stakeholders that the ideas and suggestions they have provided will guide them in carrying out their responsibilities effective in the next years.

For Twagirayezu, GCS’s mission and vision are achievable, but progress is a journey.

GCS country Representative during consultative meeting

He emphasized that they were focused on changing citizen mindsets and citizen’s ownership of their activities so that they could continue or remain sustainable when GCS’s mission ended.

In the new direction, we will continue to help the savings groups that have not graduated so that they can graduate; we will help the cooperatives; we will give support so that cassava plantation and enhance agriculture and livestock programs to sustainability, as well as providing the training and inputs; and we will focus on the children’s education, which includes different components, “ he stated.

Global Civic Sharing (GCS) provides development aid to needy communities in different countries.

The organization was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in South Korea with operations in Vietnam, East Timor, Mongolia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Kenya.