Casting a Shadow of Hardship: Musanze Residents Share Struggles Amidst COVID-19 Impact

The Covid-19 pandemic has cast a dark cloud over the lives of Musanze residents, leaving no industry untouched by its devastating effects.

During a recent training to journalists organised by the Rwanda Media Network Against HIV/AIDS and for Health Promotion (ABASIRWA) to the importance of continued vigilance and the critical role journalists play in raising awareness and advocating for public health in the post-COVID-19 period, journalists had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from community members, highlighting the profound impact of the pandemic on their livelihoods and the incredible resilience they have shown.

Emmanuel Nsanzabera , a talented photographer who specialized in capturing wedding moments, expressed the despair caused by the pandemic’s sudden halt to festivities. “All financial streams vanished, plunging my family into poverty,” he lamented.

Nsanzabera , a talented photographer

Adelphine Uwineza, a clothes trader, recounted her struggles as market closures severely limited her ability to sell goods. Forced to use her savings to feed her family, she described how life came to a standstill, leaving them grappling with the immense challenges brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Gilbert Nduwayezu , The Director of Musanze Health Centre, emphasized the vital role of the health sector in guiding and informing citizens in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Through awareness campaigns, community engagement, and education on preventive measures, the health sector has worked tirelessly to keep the community well-informed and encouraged active participation in adopting hygienic practices.

The district’s authorities have also implemented robust strategies to protect the community, with daily awareness campaigns playing a crucial role in disseminating vital information about preventive measures and the importance of vaccinations.

Mrs Kamanzi Axelle, the Musanze District Vice Mayor in charge of Social Affairs, acknowledged the efforts made by local authorities to combat the epidemic and expressed cautious optimism about the progress made. However, she stressed the need for continued vigilance.

Despite the devastating losses endured in Musanze, with lives lost and infections rampant, the community remains steadfast in their pursuit of a brighter future. The collective determination of its residents, coupled with the unwavering commitment of local authorities, instills hope in the face of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As Musanze embarks on its path to recovery, the indomitable spirit of its people shines brightly, bound together by resilience and an unwavering resolve to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.