Any suggestion , explicit or implicit  that migrants are presented  “go to Rwanda or go to jail” would be wrong and offensive

As a matter of practice and policy, Rwanda’s position on migrants and refugees has been to open its doors to any Africans in need of shelter. Rwanda’s position on migrants is, and remains ‘open doors’.

That policy is borne out of the history and the life lived by many Rwandans, as well as our own national values. This policy has been applied for many years, to large numbers of migrants, refugees, long-term residents, from various countries in the region and beyond as posted to the website of the Government of Rwanda.

Over the past several years, Rwanda has welcomed approximately 180,000 migrants from different African countries, including neighbor countries, with the assistance of the United Nations. Recently, Rwanda offered to host 30,000 victims of human trafficking in Libya.

As President Kagame recently reiterated, in the context of migrants from Israel, Rwanda will only receive refugees “in accordance with International Law».

Therefore, any suggestion , explicit or implicit  that certain groups of migrants are presented with two options: “go to Rwanda or go to jail” would be wrong and offensive.

The situation of migrants in Israel, and the process of their leaving, is an internal Israeli issue. As long as legal requirements are met, Rwanda, within its means, will be willing to assist any migrant in need.